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Hi, my name is Kelly McAllister. I am a jewellery designer who graduated in 2011 with BA Hons 3D Design at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland.  All of my designs are handmade in my studio in Fife, Scotland.

My work is mainly chainmail based, with additions of natural materials such as leather and feathers. Inspired by religion, grunge glamour and edgy rock&roll styles; crosses, studs, spikes and leather all play part in the glamorously gothic collection of heavy metal jewellery.

All pieces are handmade to order, and can therefore be altered to suit your own taste, please contact me on the email address below if you wish to change or add anything to your order.

As pieces are handmade to order, they can take up to two weeks to be delivered to you, depending upon how many orders I have at that time.   I will keep you informed via email regarding how long you should expect to receive your order.



Thank you for visiting,

Kelly xx